Bio-communication is energetic communication, where every cell in your body is working to send and receive information. These cells work, non-stop, to perform millions of little tasks that make up the whole body, how it works and how it responds to your environment, the food you eat, and basically everything coming at you all day, every day. When your body encounters a health problem, such as a deficiency, virus or allergen, it uses communication pathways (think: all hands on deck, red alert!) to restore balance and defend itself against that problem.


When the body is overwhelmed and the balance fails, this is clear through physical symptoms. Symptoms are your body’s way of saying the balance is broken. It is an outward expression of the inward systems failing. Common signs are pain, inflammation, foggy brain, skin issues, digestive issues, weight management issues, anxiety, depression, etc.


The issue with our own bio-communication is that we don’t know the balance is broken until we get sick and our physical symptoms force us into a corner. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a heads up before I get sick. The beautiful thing about bio-communication is that it always has a story to tell. We just have to listen.


ZYTO Bio-Communication and Bio-Feedback Sensor


ZYTO is communication between a machine and an individual. To put it simply, it is a device that asks the body questions and records the responses. This is called bio-feedback.


The ZYTO bio-feedback sensor is an FDA approved hand cradle. It is classified as an electrodermograph. Measuring the skin on the hand or fingers for conductance, the ZYTO sensor can gauge body responses as unexpected stimuli are introduced to the body using digital signatures. The fluctuations in Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) are measured and then interpreted. This allows insight into your personal wellness that may have gone previously unnoticed. 


Health practitioners use ZYTO technology to ask better questions regarding a client’s health and wellness. The ZYTO bio-feedback will then give personalized recommendations on topics such as:


  • Food sensitivities
  • Environment sensitivities
  • Supplement needs
  • Nutritional needs
  • Necessary lifestyle changes


SET-DB Bio-Communication


SET-DB opens communication between the body and the health issue to say to the cells, Hey guys, This really isn’t so bad. You can handle this. Sensitivity Elimination Treatment by Dr. Boothe, or SET-DB™ for short, is a unique program in that instead of simply asking the body questions and recording the bio-feedback, it actually treats the sensitivities by opening the communication and sending back responses. Using the power of ZYTO bio-communication technology, SET-DB™ can assist with many different types of sensitivities and conditions, including:


  • Food sensitivities
  • Hay fever
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Autoimmune sensitivities
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypothyroidism


Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)


Bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA), is a health assessment that measures body composition. More specifically, BIA measures electrical impedance in the body to determine the amount of total body water. This measurement is then used to estimate the amount of fat in the body in relation to lean body mass.


The BIA is often used as part of a nutrition assessment, but it can also provide valuable information about the state of your overall health. With this assessment, you can see if your body fat percentage and hydration levels are in the ideal range. Furthermore, by getting BIA measurements regularly, you can chart your progress over time as you make nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.


At Forum Health Clarkston, our Lifestyle package includes regular BIA assessments. 


EVOX Bio-Communication Technology


How you speak might actually say a lot about the state of your health. A new hot topic in medical engineering research is health detection via voice analysis. There is growing research suggesting that voice analysis can help to assess “missing” frequencies in their patient’s voice when they speak about a specific topic. This process helps the person shift their perception on the topic, which can lead to a variety of improvements in health, wellness, and performance.


EVOX Sessions are typically one-and-done and really depend on how long it takes the client to show a “releasing pattern.”


  • A typical session begins with a discussion on what areas of life the client feels blocked. If they’re not sure, the practitioner will perform a reliable method to scan topics and see what comes up as the biggest stressors. 
  • Once the topic(s) has been chosen, a recording is taken of the client’s voice. The practitioner then reads a “burst output” of the recording, which is a reading that shows the frequencies the tones are missing.
  • At this time, the client will be listening to calming music and wearing glasses that give a light show (optional and not recommended if prone to seizures or headaches), which helps to put them in a meditative state.
  • During this the practitioner is essentially taking the client’s chaotic energy and putting it in order. This process is repeated until some kind of releasing or dynamic pattern happens and the stuck perception is unlocked.


At Forum Health Clarkston, our Lifestyle package can include several EVOX sessions.


Final Thoughts


All living things speak through bio-communication. Bio-feedback gives you a greater awareness of your physiological functions, allowing you to manipulate and influence those functions through a number of preventative methods. Imagine if you could have more information about your body’s needs before symptoms arise. In order to influence your overall wellness and change where it was headed, I bet you’d make better decisions. At Forum Health Clarkston, we offer a number of bio-communication and bio-feedback tests and programs. If you are suffering with symptoms or perhaps you just want to make sure your body is working at optimum levels, our bio-communication technology services are the right fit for you! Call today to register for one of our monthly Meet & Greets! 248-625-5143


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*The ZTYO scan is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or medical condition.



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