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Ask the Nutritionist LIVE with Brittany!

Join Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator, Brittany Golden, every Wednesday at noon for an “Ask the Nutritionist” Facebook LIVE session! Each week, for an hour, she shares different tips on health and wellness and answers any questions. To join the event, simply like and follow Forum Health Clarkston’s FaceBook page and mark “going” […]

Understanding Thyroid Disorders and Symptoms

Do you feel stuck with a lifelong diagnosis?   Are you tired of taking medications that still make you feel bad?   The thyroid gland contributes to almost every function in the body. When it malfunctions, this leaves the body open to a slew of disorders. What many do not know is that this doesn’t […]

Vegan Cooking Class

The Holidays will be great when you don’t have to stress over what’s on your plate! Come enjoy a traditional and very tasty Thanksgiving Raw Vegan meal.  Stay slim and trim with a delicious raw meal that will satisfy your holiday taste buds. Raw foods give you energy, so you won’t feel tired and sluggish […]

Supporting the Cancer Process with Nutrition

woman with cancer

  Forum Health ClarkstonNutrition, LLC presents a FREE Nutrition series. This series will be facilitated by Carly Secoy, BS, NFS, certified in Holistic Cancer Nutrition.  Each week will build on the next as Carly discusses nutrition topics that pertain to cancer patients and caregivers, and those who want to prevent cancer.     Schedule: Thursday, […]

Transition Your Kitchen with Plant-Based Protein

a wide variety of colorful veggies. end ID.

    Join us for an evening of food, information, and fun! During any plant-based transition, most questions and confusion tend to revolve around PROTEIN. What foods contain it? What’s the best way to cook them? How much protein do we actually need?   Learn about and sample a variety of deliciously prepared plant-based protein […]

Adelpha Breast Thermography


Comfort and Joy: Holistic Health Tools Workshop

Join Certified Holistic Cancer Educator and Reiki teacher Missie Irish Mellen, RN, BSN for a mini-workshop on natural, effective health tools for stress relief. Create more space for joy and peace this season. Includes: • Learn about Reiki/God’s loving intuitive hands-on healing for self & others • Learn the remarkable relaxing benefits of pure essential oils […]

Meet and Greet!

Do you want to know more about our unique, proven process?     Discover the Forum Health Clarkstondifference when you attend our free IN-PERSON Meet & Greet at Clarkston’s Core Connection Pilates!   Our experts are ready to help!   Join us Tuesday, February 1st at 6:00 PM for our FREE Meet & Greet!   […]

Essential Oils: Respiratory Health

Essential Oils: Respiratory Health   Taught by Kathryn Conlen, BA, LMT, CST   October 24th @ 6:00 p.m.   7300 Dixie Hwy Suite 500   Clarkston, MI 48346   Call to register: 248-625-5143   Learn the connections and how you can support you and your family to have optimal health this fall and winter with […]

Essential Oils Raindrop Technique Demo

Essential Oils: Raindrop Technique and Vitaflex   Taught by Kathryn Conlen, BA, LMT, CST   October 17th @ 6:00 p.m.   7300 Dixie Hwy Suite 500   Clarkston, MI 48346   Call to register: 248-625-5143   Learn how to use the Raindrop Technique to support your health and empower your family to care for each […]

Antioxidants and Essential Oils

Antioxidants and Essential Oils   Taught by Kathryn Conlen, BA, LMT, CST   October 10th @ 6:00 p.m.   7300 Dixie Hwy Suite 500   Clarkston, MI 48346   Must Call to Register: 248-625-5143   Aging is a form of cellular “rusting.” Oxidative stress and free radicals need to be combated every day with simple […]

Pack n’ Go Class:

Pack n’ Go Class: Eating Healthy on the Run   October 12th @ 5:30 p.m.   7300 Dixie Hwy Suite 500 Clarkston, MI 48346   Call to Register: 248-625-5143   Does your schedule have you last-minute eating? Are you tired of fast food and $5 pizzas?   Let Forum Health Clarkston show you how to […]

Detoxification Workshop

african-american couple preparing a detox meal

DETOXIFICATION WORKSHOP   Tuesday September 19th at 6:30 PM     Long term exposure to everyday environmental toxins has been linked to a number of common health issues and bothersome symptoms. Attend this workshop to discover how to reduce your toxin load and stay healthy & energetic!      Consider these facts:   According to […]

Norwex Workshop

Norwex Microfiber Workshop   Join us for a fun informative meeting!   Taught by Independent Sales Consultant, Lara Jenson   Plan to attend our Norwex Workshop here at Forum Health Clarkston   7300 Dixie Hwy. Suite 500   Clarkston, MI 48346     Saturday, September 26th – 6:30 p.m.   Call to register 248-625-5143   […]

Plant-Based Cooking Made Simple

Plant-Based Cooking Made Simple   Transition Your Kitchen!   Want to incorporate more whole foods into your lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Learn the basics of plant-based cooking nutrition, what to shop for, the basics of meal planning, and easy ways to make healthy choices at restaurants! You’ll leave here with your hands […]

Create Healthy Habits

Create Healthy Habits   by Deneen Troupe-Buitrago   Stay on Track with Your Nutrition Plan   Do you want to get started with a plan of attack for your nutrition plan? Do you want to have more control of those healthy habits that will make you successful? Do you have the will-power for a while, but […]

EAT, DRINK, and be HEALTHY: Lose weight and improve your vitality

EAT, DRINK, and be HEALTHY: Lose weight and improve your vitality   This interactive group workshop is a great way to get support as you begin the journey   to improve your health and vitality while reshaping your body!   Weight loss is a side effect of good health!   Must pre-register by calling 248-625-6143     […]

Working with Your Gut Feelings

  A Class That Teaches Strategies Like Self Awareness, Rocking, Tapping and Vibration – “Tools to Soothe You to the Core   Presented by Osa Jackson Schulte PhD, PT, GCFP/AT   June 13th at 6:30 p.m. 7300 Dixie Hwy., Suite 500 Clarkston, MI 48346 Call to register 248-625-5143   Feldenkrais Method® teaches pain management and […]

Emotional Wellness Class

With Crystal Cockerham Tuesday, April 25th, 6:30 p.m. 7300 Dixie Hwy. Suite 500, Clarkston, 48346   Did You Know?   “Your gut and your emotions are a two-way street. They both have the potential to negatively affect one another, so addressing the state of your mental health — not just the food you eat — […]

Fermentation 101

Say Yes to KVASS: Fermentation and a healthy gut do not get any easier than this!   Instruction by Fran Blum   Tuesday May 9th: 6:30 p.m. $15 7300 Dixie Hwy. Suite 500, Clarkston, 48346   Many of us know that adding fermented foods to our diet is an essential part of eating healthy, but […]

Financial Health for 2017

Presented by Mike Kastler, MSF   from Kastler Financial Planning, an office of Garrett Investment Advisors, LLC   Learn the basics of understanding your key financial indicators and how to get started with your personal financial plan. Includes: Discussion of the financial planning industry What is financial planning? 25 Key Financial Stats (how to determine your […]

Dinner Planning / Prepping 101

  Presented by Beth Walker – Wildtree Representative   Are you tired of the mental drain of deciding what’s for dinner? Ever wish you had dinner ideas that were healthy, quick, easy AND delicious? Then this is the class for you! You will even learn how to make vegetables taste AMAZING!   Covered Topics Include: […]

Health & Healing: Central Nervous System

  Presented by Dr. Bennett from Orion Family Spinal Center   Did you know that the Central Nervous system plays a main role in your health? In this class, you will learn how the body gets sick from improper function of the nervous system, and how it gets well when things are functioning correctly.   This […]

Go With Your Gut: Incorporate Fermented Foods Into Your Diet

  Make your own Kraut or Fermented Vegetables to take home with you!   Jodie Krumpe from Cultured Love will share how she learned the vital role digestive health plays in building and maintaining beneficial immune and brain function, as she recounts her family’s story of moving from chronic disease to healthy living with ongoing “real food”-oriented diet change, […]

What You Put on Your Skin Does Matter!

You are invited to our Skin Care Class featuring products from AMG Naturally     Where: Forum Health Clarkston- 7300 Dixie Hwy., Suite 500  Clarkston, MI 48346 Cost: $10.00 Deposit RSVP: Call to reserve your seat 248-625-5143   Age More Gracefully!   There will be a drawing for a FREE Summer Protection Pack. Bring a […]

Health & Wellness Class

Young woman jogging outside in sunny autumn forest. The sun is shining in the background.

Exercise 101 – The Basics   Taught by local Personal Trainer – Lynne Roth   The class will include: Dynamic Warm-Up: moving as you stretch, activating muscles you will use during the workout. Cardio Exercise: movements that raise your heart rate. Strength Exercise: physical exercise that increases muscle size, strength and definition Core Exercise: development […]

Emotional Freedom Technique or “EFT” Class

Your only problems in life… are your negative beliefs! EFT is an EASY way to remove them!   Would you like to:     Reduce Pain and discomfort?     Implement a sense of peace into your daily life?     Welcome healing into your life?   Linda Pietrzak with “Heaven’s Health Care Plan” is presenting a […]

Meditation for Beginners

A guide to the basics of meditation!   Jules from “J Living” will lead you through the basics of starting  your own daily meditation practice; including: Why meditate? Benefits and intentions of meditation How to? Three techniques introduced and practiced Discuss some of the challenges or obstacles involved   **Dress comfortably and bring a tea lite candle in a holder, small meaningful object […]

Dinner Planning/Prepping 101

  Are you tired of the daily mental drain of deciding “what’s for dinner”? Ever wish you had dinner ideas that were healthy, quick, easy and delicious?   Then this is the class for you…you will even learn   How to make vegetables taste amazing! The health, emotional and financial benefits of Helpful hints on […]

Essential Oils & Application for Emotional Healing

  Taught by Crystal Cockerham – Emotional Wellness coach of Forum Health Clarkston   This class will assist in the use of using essential oils as a way to assist with the emotional healing of stored emotions  and allow you to discover the healing properties and science of 100% organic therapeutic-grade essential oils.   You […]

“Tis The Season To De-Stress”

woman sleeping

This workshop is fun, educational and interactive. If you are burning the candle at both ends, have increased waist circumference, are easily distracted, anxious, irritable, trouble sleeping, headaches or have hormonal issues this workshop is for you.

Natural Approaches to Surviving Menopause

women in a boat

Increase your knowledge menopause symptoms, discover alternatives to control hot flashes, explore methods to control weight gain, and pulling it all together for a healthier happier you!

New Weight Management Options vs Myths

Attend this workshop and discover new weight management options that is easy, safe and allows you to lose 1/2 pound to 1 pound a day. Explore weight management myths and develop an understanding of how this specialized plan takes a step approach into a lifestyle plan. Learn how this plan can re-establish a new baseline […]

Detoxification Workshop

girl tasting detoxing smoothie

  Long term exposure to everyday environmental toxins has been linked to a number of common health issues and bothersome symptoms. Attend this workshop to discover how to reduce your toxin load and stay healthy & energetic!   CONSIDER THESE FACTS:   According to the EPA 4 billion pounds of chemicals are released into the […]

Respiratory Health – Essential Oil

  Tuesday, October 18, 2016 @ 6:30pm.   $15.   Every breath you take is influenced by the environment.  Health of sinuses and immune system play an important role in a healthy respiratory system.  Learn the connections and how you can support you and your family to have optimal health this fall and winter with Young Living […]

Endocrine & Emotions – Essential Oil

  Tuesday, October 11, 2016 @ 6:30pm.   $15.   Essential oils have played a role in human health for eons.  Learn how they can support you to process unresolved feelings and emotions.  Emotional imbalances are deeply impacted by hormones.  Think of a time when your coping skills were low.  You were probably unaware that your […]

Brain Health – Essential Oil

  Tuesday, October 11, 2016 @ 6:30pm.   $15   Your body’s Commander-in-Chief, the brain, needs your attention!  The use of Young Living essential oils and oil infused nutritional products can dramatically improve your brain health.  Taking positive action steps to promote brain health gives you the ability to focus on what is important.  It will […]

Stuck in a Lunch Box Rut?

Need help going beyond the basics to create healthy, whole-food lunches that your children will LOVE?   This Class includes:   Menus Recipes Grocery Lists Lunch Box Options   Forum Health Clarkstonwill be offering 2 different classes, (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening), to help you as the school year begins!   […]