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“I can play with my grandkids again!”

“I can play with my grandkids again!”

My whole life I’ve watched my mother’s health decline in little increments.  High BP and cholesterol in her 30’s, diabetes in her 50’s with significant weight gain, mini stroke at the age of 72 and now vascular dementia.  All of these chronic illnesses are preventable and reversible with a healthy diet and lifestyle.  I am all about prevention, but I’ll admit my diet was not the best as I traded health for convenience in my younger years. I tried to control my weight with sports and exercise.  However, as I got older, my unhealthy diet gave me all kinds of symptoms:

  • I was so lethargic—I did not feel like exercising anymore
  • Progressive weight gain.
  • Acid reflux (on Prilosec)
  • I was bloated
  • Constipation
  • Joint aches
  • Brain fog, as well as decreased concentration and the inability to make decisions
  • I suffered with depression


I chose Forum Health Clarkston because I needed to change my way of eating and the way I thought about food. My nutritionist was so knowledgeable. She did a thorough assessment of my health and symptoms before, during and after the program as a comparison. The BIA test was so fascinating to me and measured what was going on at a cellular level.  I loved finding out that my cells were finally absorbing nutrients like they were supposed to! They also provided a “Mindfulness in Eating” class (the importance of paying attention, slowing down and enjoying your food which is a very difficult thing to do in this fast-paced society).

Honestly, it was not easy at first, but I was never hungry. All my symptoms are GONE, including the 20 pounds of extra weight I’d been carrying around. The bonus for me was the increased energy to golf with my husband and play on the floor with my grandkids! Thank you, Forum Health Clarkston!

Cathy Jozwick