Supportive Therapies for Cancer in Clarkston

Cancer is the biggest wake-up call a person could ever receive. Cancer prevention is always best, however; if you have already been diagnosed with cancer or looking for ways to prevent due to a known family history you can transform your internal landscape using a functional medicine approach.

For every person confronting cancer, there are several others whose lives are also impacted.  We all need to learn how to use this illness to teach us how to embrace life, meet it head on, and live with vitality.

At Forum Health Clarkston we help clients transform their internal landscape by addressing five pathways:

  • Immune
  • Inflammation
  • Hormones
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Digestion & detoxification


Treatments used to combat cancer are powerful. But they can also damage your body. Addressing the physical trauma of these processes is key to a healthy mind and body. This can play a key role in healing.

When dealing with Cancer the other secrets to success are:

  • Diet
  • Spirit
  • Movement
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Rejuvenation


At Forum Health Clarkston using a functional medicine approach we address all five pathways, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of each client..

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