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Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines Treatments in Clarkston

Treating the Source for a Lifetime of Relief

If you get headaches, you know the hurt goes beyond physical symptoms. How many times has severe pain forced you to miss out on something important to you? Other times, nagging ache casts an ugly shadow over your everyday activities.

Headaches range from uncomfortable to debilitating.

Migraines often mean nausea, weakness, and sensitivity to light or sound — not to mention the constant throbbing.

Some headaches last days, weeks, or even months. And they can strike at any time. With triggers lurking around every corner, everyday activities can feel like a trap.

But you don’t have to live in fear of the next attack.

Forum Health Clarkston’s expert providers will work to address the source of your headache pain. We start by listening to your story and getting a complete picture of your health. Once we identify your triggers and potential root causes, we’ll make a whole-person treatment plan — aiming for long-term prevention and a lifetime of relief.

I started to understand that there are causal factors that lead to the migraine. What I’ve learned is that stress is an inducer; nutrition, in terms of eating habits — also just how I’m sleeping. And when I start to pull those pieces together and really think about how I’m going to dissect it, I can start to take control.

Jenny Cretu
Forum Health Clarkston & COO

How does Forum Health Clarkston treat headaches?

Pain pills allow temporary reprieve. You might also try abortive therapy medications. But drugs only mask the underlying issues — often while causing other health problems.

Forum Health Clarkston treatments go beyond the prescription pad. We take a functional and integrative approach, looking at your whole body and its interconnected systems. We’ll examine lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, stress, environment, and more. Then we’ll guide you through the journey to lasting change. As a member, you’ll have access to health coaching, dietary supplements, IV nutrition, and more.

Stress and poor sleep are common triggers for migraine headaches. Our providers will address this potential root cause and introduce treatment strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, HeartMath programs, and sleep hygiene. Our health coaches can guide you through programs specifically designed to help you integrate these lifestyle changes successfully.

Hormone imbalances and gut dysbiosis are also among the common underlying causes of frequent migraines. Our providers will do a deep dive into your personal biochemistry to find the source and optimize your health for more headache-free days.

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