Forum Health Clarkston is an Answer to My Prayers!

Forum Health Clarkston is an Answer to My Prayers!

I made it my goal to get healthy…

I knew I needed to do something different. My girlfriend told me about Forum Health Clarkston and how she was having great results with the program. I attended a Meet and Greet and decided to give the program a try.

When I came to Forum Health Clarkston, I was suffering with:

• Low thyroid
• Acid reflux
• Extra weight
• Low energy


I am happy to say that after only five months:

• My acid reflux was resolved
• I was off Prilosec
• I was down 30 pounds


I have so much energy now. Last summer, I was finally back to kayaking and riding bicycles! The weight loss has been a nice side effect too. Now, since January of 2018, I’m down 50 pounds! Life just keeps getting better!

Thank you, Brittany and Forum Health Clarkston! You’ve given me a new outlook on life and nutrition!

Deb Coleman