Forum Health Clarkston Gets to the Root of Aliments

The medications keep piling up and you just want to feel better. Nothing is working and your symptoms are only getting worse, or your medications are causing side effects that create a need to add another medication.

The friendly and helpful staff at Forum Health Clarkston is waiting to create a tailored plan for you to ditch those meds and improve your health.

“We specialize in customized nutrition plans,” said Cindy Crandell, R.N., C.N., Functional medicine Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator. “We help people get off of numerous medications by working with them and their practitioner. By assessing the symptoms, we use a functional medicine approach to address the root cause. Conventional medicine is designed to treat symptoms; however, by addressing the root cause, you can restore health and wellness and reduce the need for costly medications.”

Crandell pointed out, “An example of this can be seen in the fact that many people will complain of thyroid symptoms for years, such as: weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, constipation, thinning eye brows, to name a few. However, when testing the thyroid, it will show normal until it is finally in disease state. A functional medicine approach would look at those symptoms as a sluggish thyroid function and dig deeper to address what is causing the thyroid to be sluggish. Typically, this is an adrenal issue. By treating the adrenals, the thyroid will totally recover and symptoms will be resolved, saving the thyroid from disease.”

Crandell added, “If the thyroid is already in disease, including Hashimoto disease, we work on reversing it at the source of the cause.”

“At Forum Health Clarkston,” Crandell explained, “Clients begin with an intake appointment where we get a very detailed health history, starting with the health of the patient’s mother while they were in the womb. We identify triggers by looking at genetic, toxic exposures, both lifestyle and environmental, stressors and even emotional triggers.”

She explained the average American’s lifestyle consists of sugar, processed foods and saturated fats. This gives the perfect environment for inflammation and disease to brew.

“This is a good place to start when changing your lifestyle,” Crandell said. “We work with people and meet them where they are at to start making those changes so they can give the body the environment to heal and live in wellness instead of sickness. These changes result in decreasing overall inflammation and improving the gut health, the two biggest players for disease state to flourish.”

They also work with a variety of chronic illness by addressing the underlying issues and bringing balance to the body, which can reverse and delay the illness.

“When you give the body the right environment, it can heal itself,” Crandell said. “It is truly amazing.”

“It really makes sense if we heal the same way we were designed,” she added. “By using the design of the body, we look at how en embryo is formed and it all starts with the gut tube. That gut tube goes all the way from the mouth to the anus and then right along that is the spinal column, which is the nervous system. From there, we bud our organs. Then we need good communication between cells and between organs because it is the body’s flow system. When those filtering organs get out of sync or become clogged, we end up with vital organs in crisis, when we reestablish that communication and flow, the body can heal!”

Forum Health Clarkston services include grocery store classes, body composition testing, emotional wellness, corporate wellness, monthly health classes, and breast thermography on March 31st, June 23rd and October 20th. See our website for more information.