I can’t stress enough how refreshing it was finding this group.

After going from specialist to specialist for months and making minimal progress while feeling like none of the doctors really cared about me and only wanted to prescribe me drugs to mask the symptoms, I can’t stress enough how refreshing it was finding this group. They really care about me and uncovering the root cause of my issues, then addressing and correcting them. I’m so thankful to have Taylor at Forum Health guide me on my wellness journey. My hyperacusis that ear doctors brushed me off on is essentially gone and I’m not afraid of noise anymore. The tinnitus ringing is a lot quieter and tolerable now. The TMJ disorder with my jaw is greatly alleviated. My itchiness that the dermatologist couldn’t help with has been resolved. My memories greatly improved, sugar cravings are down and I’m in a much better spot mentally. I’m so happy I didn’t settle for the antidepressants the doctors were trying to prescribe. Also, Forum Health’s front desk staff are amazing! I never thought I’d be a believer in holistic medicine over traditional western medicine, but I am now and I’ll forever feel this way. I can’t recommend this group enough and I hold them in very high regard.