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Importance of Healthy Blood Sugar Metabolism


60 million Americans have “insulin resistance” a form of unhealthy blood sugar metabolism that goes unrecognized.   Achieving and maintaining proper blood sugar metabolism is essential for a lifetime of excellent health.  Prolonged unhealthy blood sugar metabolism leads to inflammation and can significantly affect the health of your nerves, eyes, blood vessels, kidneys and pancreas.  It impacts your weight, body shape, energy levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and overall cardiovascular health.


Factors that lead to unhealthy blood sugar metabolism, obesity, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet are all considered major contributors to developing poor blood sugar metabolism.  When we consume excess sweets and refined or processed foods and the simple sugars that they contain, they are absorbed very quickly and can cause a rapid dramatic increase in blood sugar levels.  Carbohydrates like breads, processed food snacks are classified as high glycemic index and have higher potential for elevating blood sugar.


An unhealthy diet may even alter the way the genetic information within our cells influence blood sugar metabolism.  Appropriate gene expression is important for healthy blood sugar metabolism because it stimulates sugar utilization by the mitochondria of the cells, producing energy in effect clearing sugar from the blood.


Steps to promote healthy blood sugar metabolism:


Incorporating lifestyle changes that focus on effective weight control, a program of regular exercise and specific dietary guidelines are very important to promoting healthy blood sugar metabolism.


Choose foods that are low glycemic:


Lean proteins, vegetables, berries, raw nuts and legumes include plenty of healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil and use stevia as a sweeter of choice.


 Supplementing your diet:

  • Essential fatty acids EPA and DHA to support a healthy cell membrane, CLA (Conjugated linoleic acids), to promote insulin signal and gene expression and improved utilization of sugar by the mitochondria
  • Alpha lipoic acid to support the insulin signal and sugar utilization
  • Green tea for the catechins EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), to protect the insulin secreting pancreatic isle cells
  • Cinnamon compounds enhance insulin sensitivity
  • Vitamin E, minerals, vanadium, chromium and magnesium to provide additional support to the insulin signaling


Take the first steps to achieving healthy blood sugar metabolism:


  • Start with nutritional changes
  • Do not skip meals or snacks
  • Get moving
  • Add high quality GMPA certified and 3rd party tested supplementation of support


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