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Wed. July 28th, 2010

Wellness coach helps beat ‘freshman 15’


Clarkston News Staff Writer

After attending a college graduation this summer and seeing 95 percent graduates were “hugely overweight,” Certified Nutritionist Cindy Crandell decided she would do a workshop to help new college students “beat the freshman 15.”

“The switch from high school to college is a major life change. Hectic schedules, higher expectations, n~w freedom and a more active social life add excitement and stress. New college students have so much to think about,” she said. “For many, eating right becomes less of a priority.”

Crandell said she will teach students how to schedule their meals, while making healthier choices in the cafeteria, as well as fixing healthy dorm room remedies.

“I can teach them how to shop for nutrient rich food that’s going to give them what they need so they don’t come into a malnourished state,” she said. “I even go over the alcohol issue and how the alcohol affects your body where it puts you in a dehydration and malnourished mode. Then I tie that all in how that affects their studies their brain, their energy levels.”

Crandell said students can even make healthier choices at fast food joints like Arbys, Subway, and Jimmy Johns, but to be sure to stay with the leaner meats like turkey and chicken.

She said salads are always a good way to go, but to stay away from fried chicken and go with the grilled. Also to try and get “light” or “reduced fat” dressing put on the side.

Burger king is a good choice because it’s a cooked over an open flame and always go with the smaller size like the junior,” she said “Instead of fries get apple slices, or a yogurt parfait.”

Crandell said one of the main issues today is that we live in a “portion warped world” where everything has been super sized and its distorted reality.

“When I asked my older clients to think back when they were a kid and how big a hamburger was, all of them told me it was the size of their palm,” she said. “Now, they got the quarter pounders and that’s where people are going really wrong.”

Crandell has been a certified nutritionist since 1999, but she technically started back in the 1980’s when she became a register nurse.

“I got into homecare nursing and 95 percent of my job was diet teaching. I loved the nutrition, so from there I decided I wanted to pursue that further and become certified and specialized and all that stuff,” she said. “Over the years it led me down that path to where I’m teaching nutrition 101 all the way to disease state management.”

The workshop will be offered four times – on Aug. 2, 4, 9 and 11. Each workshop begins at 7 p.m. at Forum Health Clarkston, located in the Clarkston News building, 5-1/2 Main Street in downtown Clarkston.

The cost is $15 and includes all materials and recipes. Parents may attend free if accompanied by a student. To register or for more information, call Cindy Crandell at 248-766-2210.