Accurate Health Assessment and Help Reaching My Goals

2015 was a tough and stressful year for me, and by the end of it I felt awful physically and mentally. My back hurt, I ached all over, and had a myriad of annoying little health issues. I was addicted to and craved sugar and bad carbs and continually made bad food choices as a result. I was tired all the time, felt old, fat and sluggish. At age 54 I knew if I didn’t get my crap together, getting older was going to be pretty tough, not the active and healthy lifestyle I’d hoped it would be. I had tried and failed so many diets…I knew I would need help to learn how to eat healthy (not diet) for the rest of my life. Forum Health Clarkston’s health assessment was beyond thorough…it took time to complete, but that time was worth it. Based on my answers, Carly, my nutritionist, was able to pinpoint the issues I needed to take care of to feel my best. She worked with me to develop goals and the program whereby I would meet those goals. She put together an eating program that would heal my gut and help me lose weight and feel great. To make a long story short, by the end of five months, I feel amazing, and it was really pretty easy! I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds and have learned that despite what I may have thought five months earlier, food that’s good for you can actually taste good! And there are tasty and healthier alternatives to the lousy food I was eating in the past. I now will choose organic/whole foods whenever possible as they really do taste better and make a difference in how you feel. The supplements that were a part of my program were great as well, helping me heal and feel better. In the final few weeks, the Shape Reclaimed program was instrumental in getting the last ten pounds off and “cementing” my final weight which I’ll maintain (or maybe I’ll even lose a few more!). I plan on following the 80/20 rule from now on, sticking with my healthy program five or six days a week and enjoying a splurge now and then, but I’m never going back to having lousy food in my house again…only good, organic foods from now on and a healthy balance of proteins, carbs and fruits / vegetables. My nutritionist Carly was so great – enthusiastic, informative, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire five months. She was always available for questions and encouraging when I struggled, reminding me that I could do this…that it was a gift to myself. The staff was super friendly and helpful too – and encouraging as well. It really makes a difference to have so many people in your corner along the journey. I highly recommend Forum Health Clarkston if you’re serious about regaining your health, learning how to eat healthy and living the best life you can for the rest of your life.