With 50lbs Gone – My Body Is Marathon Ready!

With 50lbs Gone – My Body Is Marathon Ready!

My senior year of college I weighed 170 and after I graduated I was determined to work out and train for my ½ marathon and marathon runs, but still managed to let my weight get up to 194 lbs. I was concerned with getting up to almost 200 lbs. Knew I needed to do something about it, I found Forum Health Clarkston from an online research for a local nutritionist. I started my customized program with Forum Health Clarkston in September 2015.

When I started going to Forum Health Clarkston they welcomed me and I felt no judgement about my weight. They asked me about my goals and what I wanted to work on. I wanted to continue to exercise and get to a healthy weight range for me. Starting a new eating routine is hard, and takes time to get it embedded. Carly Secoy stuck by me though, I could email her any time to ask what I could do to lose the weight. Even before the holidays Carly helped me stay focused on not gaining weight. I was still allowed my cookie and a glass of wine, but I stayed on track to lose. By June 2016 I was down to 145 which was my goal weight! I felt so much better about myself and felt the long-distance runs were easier on my body by not carrying around 50 lbs. of extra weight. Thank you, Forum Health Clarkston!


Rachel Newill