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Sarah & Phil’s Story


I’m a busy business owner and like most, I live a very busy life, and let my health be placed in last priority. As a result, I tipped the scales at over 200 pounds. I’ve worked out with personal trainers for years, and have been on every diet in the books! I have lost weight over the past 10 years, but it was not uncommon for me to plateau. My personal trainer recommended seeing Cindy at Forum Health Clarkston to find the “missing piece of the puzzle to break the plateau” which included nutrition, supplements, and a personalized program for me! I finally broke the plateau, am getting closer and closer to my goal weight, and I feel better than ever now that I am 65 pounds lighter! Forum Health Clarkston changed both of our lives, and we are so grateful!


I’ve dealt with psoriasis for years, and never had any success in treating it. I took cortisone shots, went to specialty clinics for psoriasis, and even used topical treatments. Nothing progressed, in fact it got worse. I started coming to Forum Health Clarkston, and they put me on a very simple to follow program which included proper nutrition and supplements (no medicine!!!) 6 months later I am happy to say my psoriasis is clear, and never to return! As an added benefit, I also lost some weight too!