The Best Gift I Ever Received!

The Best Gift I Ever Received!

My Journey Began…

The question was, WHY?  Why did I need to begin my weight loss journey? Was I sick, was I looking for a husband? What made me do it?  I was on thyroid medications, had aches and pains, and my energy was low, but the last straw for me was a conversation with my loving sister who helped me begin my journey to health. I was going on and on about a picture my cousin had posted on Facebook.  I hated it.  I just looked terrible.  Well, my sister put this conversation in her memory bank.

Months later, my sister mentioned to me that I should check out a website: “Forum Health Clarkston.”  It sounded interesting, and my wonderful sister said she would give me this as a gift!

Amazing results…

The adventure began, and I never stopped feeling better and losing weight.  Carly at Forum Health Clarkston was so amazing.  She would teach me how to change things around so I wouldn’t get bored. You can’t help but love her!

Now at my goal, the best part is not having to look for my size in Roman Numerals. I also have to introduce myself, because no one knows who I am. I’ve reduced my meds, those aches and pains, and increased my energy! I’ve never felt better!*


Sheila G.