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I recommend Forum Health Clarkston to everyone!

I recommend Forum Health Clarkston to everyone!

Even though I am an RN and have a great deal of nutritional knowledge, I wasn’t eating the right foods. I was creating this endless cycle of inflammation in my body that I didn’t know how to fix. I was referred to Forum Health Clarkston because I wanted to feel better:

  • I was tired all the time
  • I had joint pain
  • I was bloated
  • I had foggy brain
  • I was 80 pounds overweight


My Nutritionist, Brittany, has been a great partner on my journey and has taught me what foods are detrimental to my health and wellbeing. She helped me heal my gut and get my body to a point that I could lose the weight. Her encouragement, ideas, recipes, and food suggestions have really made a difference. Within the first two weeks of making the changes, I felt so much better! After nine months:

  • I wake up every day feeling rested and ready to go
  • My joint pain is gone
  • I am bloat free
  • I have energy all day
  • My immune system is stronger
  • I am down 50 pounds and 40 inches

Brittany and Forum Health Clarkston have helped me make lifestyle changes that will last forever. I would recommend Forum Health Clarkston to anyone who wants to take control of their health and feel better.

Stephanie Falconer