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Summer Health

As seen in the Clarkston News’ Summer Health edition 6/23/21

If you’ve read anything from Forum Health Clarkston then you know how much we stress gut health. It’s our mantra and the foundation of everything we teach. Recap: The gut is home to trillions of bacteria and other microbes that directly communicate with your brain and body. From the good bacteria to the bad, it thrives on balance. When the gut ecosystem is out of balance it can cause chronic disease, weight gain, hormone disorders, poor immune health, depression, brain fog and even dementia.

For most of the year, we tend to remain gut conscious. Then the party days of summer roll around and mindfulness takes a backseat to self-sabotage. By September, we’re working on a very narrow gut microbiome with more bad bacteria than good That’s a big problem—but it’s one we can prevent with a few simple steps.

Outdoors for Summer Health

There is actual research that shows sitting on a beach, camping, touching dirt and plants, and going for a hike or jog isn’t just good for your soul—it does wonders for your gut. As we reduce our time with nature, animals and other humans, the neurotransmitters—the “feel happy” serotonin—that our gut microbiome normally creates and consumes decreases. We then lose a lot of the good bacteria that our gut needs to keep the bad bacteria in check.

Keep that good bacteria thriving by getting those serotonin levels up. Take some time out of your fast-paced, digital life and get into the relaxing beauty of the great outdoors.

Make Probiotics Part of Your Daily Routine

One of the easiest ways to support your gut is to take a GMP certified and third-party tested probiotic supplement. Yes, it’s good for summer health, but it’s definitely something to do all year long.

Probiotics add good bacteria to your gut to help maintain balance. On top of that, they support good digestion, help eliminate gas and bloating, and even help build a stronger immune system.

Need I say more?

Go Organic for Optimal Summer Health

Who doesn’t associate mouth-watering fruits and vegetables with summer? Eating in-season produce provides more nutrition and flavor. However, consuming produce grown with pesticides and herbicides may affect the good bacteria in your microbiome in a bad way. To avoid this, keep your summer health a priority by choosing organic produce.

On a budget? Aside from growing your own food, you can eat organic at a low cost by supporting your local farmers market. If you’d rather stick to your grocery store, the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen and Clean 15” list helps prioritize what fruits and vegetables should be organic and what’s the safest to buy non-organic.

It is possible to eat healthy on a budget!

Keep the Indulgence Healthy This Summer

The word “indulgence” tends to be more associated with cake, pizza and alcohol rather than spa treatments and laughter. Find balance this summer.

If you must have that cold treat, choose wisely. Since sugar causes significant changes to the microbial make-up of the gut, opt for sugar-free sorbet or vegan frozen yogurt instead.

While living that all-or-nothing lifestyle isn’t exactly realistic, the best thing you can do for your gut while indulging is pay attention to your body’s cues. If you overdo it, regroup before you find yourself spinning out of control. There’s always a way back!

Final Thoughts

Remember, your gut health should always be a priority. With just a few simple steps, you can have the best of both worlds this summer—balanced gut, fun and all! Need a little direction? At Forum Health Clarkston, our experts give you the tools to heal your body from the inside-out to reverse as well as prevent chronic disease! Call today to get started by registering for our FREE Meet and Greet!

Adrian Schirr

Forum Health Clarkston