Susan shares her experience with uncontrolled Diabetes.


Marilee struggles with infertility and debilitating pain from endometriosis.


Maria Roy suffered from eating disorder, poly cystic ovary, fatty liver & cholesterol issues.

Donna & Allan

Donna struggled with severe heartburn and nasal congestion and Allan improved his health while supporting her on her journey.


Rebecca shares how Forum Health Clarkston helped her with Stiff-person syndrome.


Erin suffered from Crohn’s disease.

About Forum Health Clarkston

Carly walks you through what to expect when you come to Forum Health Clarkston and shows you around the office.

Forum Health Clarkston Grocery Tour

Take a look at a snapshot of our grocery tour.


Paula struggled with endometriosis & poor quality of life.

How to Tap

The tapping solution to improve sleep.

Cooking With Forum Health Clarkston

Tanya loves cooking watch this easy to make healthy snack.




Not near our Clarkston office?

No problem, our Forum Health Clarkston team is available to you no matter where you are.