A Personalized and Functional Approach

What to Expect…

It is very important to stress that this integrative model of patient care is “process-care” and not “episode care” as is typical of modern Western medicine. There is no “quick fix.” There is no “magic pill.” There are no “one size fits all protocols” that are appropriate for the conditions that we evaluate and treat. Results take time to achieve and achieving the best result requires the dedication and commitment from you, the patient, and your support group or family if applicable.

Since our approach to care is “integrative” and includes both standard and “alternative” approaches to treatment, many insurance companies classify our treatment as “unproven” or “experimental” and therefore exclude it from reimbursement. This is very unfortunate but does require that we not participate in any form of medical insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. The Federal government requires that Medicare patients must complete and sign a Medicare “opt out” contract which we will provide. No claim for reimbursement can be made to Medicare or your Medicare Secondary although approved ancillary services (example labs) may be covered. Your private insurance may provide partial coverage for our services if “out of network providers” are covered. We also request that you review and sign a consent form indicating your understanding of the alternative nature of some of our recommended treatments and acknowledge your consent.

Payment for our services is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, personal check and major bank cards. Patients are expected to keep their account paid in full in order to receive continuing care. Costs for testing, prescriptions and supplements are charged separately. They may be covered by insurance but this varies greatly between carriers and we urge you to discuss this with your insurance company if this is important to you. We are considered an “out of network provider.” We will provide you a medical receipt which can be submitted for possible reimbursement. This can also be used as documentation for use of health savings accounts. We do not maintain insurance processing staff. We are not able to arrange “prior authorization” for the tests and treatments that we recommend. If additional reports are required by your insurance company there may be an additional charge for the time involved to prepare these reports. We will obtain your approval before these additional services are provided informing you of any additional charges.

As a reminder, we do not act as primary care providers but provide consultation medical and wellness services. It is important for you to also maintain the services of a primary care provider. We are not available after hours and do not provide “on call” coverage. We do not maintain hospital admitting privileges. In case of emergency, we ask that you call 911.

Lifestyle Package

This package is for those who want to learn how to change their overall health. They want to have more energy, improve their mood, get better sleep, get off medications, increase their sex drive, and lose weight. This package addresses underlying issues with a customized nutrition plan. It teaches why nutrition is important, and shows how choices and lifestyle affect the body and overall health. You will be able to make lifestyle and behavior changes that will last a lifetime.

This 2-hour appointment includes, body comp testing, urine testing, and measurements; meeting with Nutritionist, which includes, in depth health history, review of findings from completed paperwork, your customized nutritional plan with recommended supportive supplements to assist with healing and balancing your body.

2 weeks after starting your program, you will return for this 1-hour appointment, which is designed to assess what is working and what is not. Your team expert will address and help with ideas that make it all easier. Includes stress connection instruction, set up grocery class and learn how to navigate the on-line stores.

4 weeks after starting, you will meet with your nutritionist at this 1-hour appointment. You will have a body composition test, urine test and assess your progress and response to your plan. If needed, adjustments will be made to your plan to keep you moving forward in the healing process. Educational instruction main focus: microbes, digestion and absorption.

Approximately 8 weeks after starting, you will meet with your nutritionist and will also have a body comp, urine analysis, and measurements. At this 1-hour appointment we will assess symptoms, progress with plan, and update goals. We may start adding in more foods to your plan. Focused educational material: leptin, blood sugar, metabolism, and foods.

12-14 weeks after starting, you will meet with your nutritionist for this 1-hour appointment. Prior to the visit, you will complete another HAQ in order for your nutritionist to do a HAQ review, comparing your symptom score sheet from start to present. Based on findings, we will set new goals and advance your plan.

After 16-20 weeks, this 1-hour visit will include BIA, UA and measurements, meeting with nutritionist with a focus on new goals. Education is focused on immune system and total health, as well as basic requirements for maintenance.

Package also includes the following:

  • Meal Plan App: You will be given access to “Well World App,” which has program tracking abilities, meal plan suggestions, recipes & grocery shopping lists to help with your nutrition plan.
  • Video Grocery Class: Learn to navigate produce labels, how to eat a variety of color, what to do with different veggies to make them different and taste good, how to look at other ingredients and know if you are making a wise choice, and so much more!
  • Mindfulness Group Class: In this class, you will meet with our Mindfulness coach to explore self-limiting beliefs that may sabotage behavior changes. Held the 1st Monday of the month at 6pm.
  • Evox Perception Reframing: 4 visits to help you overcome self-sabotage, self-limiting beliefs, and improve relationships.

*Your nutritionist will get you scheduled when appropriate.


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