I feel like a part of the “normal” world now! Thank you Cindy!!

I have always had a weight problem… even as a child I was the big, tall girl. After three children, and over 35 years I had packed on an extra 100 pounds. I had joined Weight Watchers over 20 times in the last 35 years and was never able to get more than 25 pounds off, and keep it off. I tried Medical Weight Management and failed at that. I have spent most of my life being depressed and eating to sooth my emotional needs. I was very depressed because of my weight, pain in my knees and feet, and not being able to get around without pain. I decided it was time to do something and I went to see Cindy. She was kind, patient and understanding when I struggled with lifestyle program. In the fall of 2012, Cindy thought I should try the Transformation wellness program, I was reluctant to go on such a restricted whole food plan…I love to cook and bake and didn’t want to give that up. However, I trusted her judgment and started my Transformation wellness program on January 5, 2013. Here it is August 2013 and I am down 95 pounds from my first weigh in. With her support and the support of her staff, I successfully completed all parts of this program and I am currently starting maintenance. I know that maintenance is going to be the most challenging but I believe that I am up to that challenge with the tools and support that Cindy continues to provide. This is a lifelong lifestyle change for good health. My favorite quote “You have to find your WHY, and your why has to be BIGGER than your excuse.” I can’t thank Cindy and her staff enough for all they have done for me. I never would have lost this weight without YOU!!! When I look at the pictures from before, it is sad how large I was…and then I look in the mirror and I still don’t believe it. At 57 years old, I feel awesome! My daughters and I go shopping and I can shop with them in a “normal” store…we can even share clothes. I feel like part of the “normal” world now. TU Cindy!!!