Successful Journey to Health

Successful Journey to Health

My journey to better health started in 2014. I removed processed foods from my diet and ate whole grains, added more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eliminated sugar. This took me 18 months to make those changes – a little at a time. I had always exercised consistently, going to the gym 3-4 times a week. But even with all those habits and the food changes I had made, I could not lose any weight.

I felt that there was something just not right. I did not have energy to get me through the day, and couldn’t think very clearly. Then, in January of 2016, I fell on the sidewalk on my hands and knees.  By April 2016, I couldn’t exercise anymore. My back, shoulders and knees were too painful.  It took until September 2016 to finally start to recover from my fall. It was then that I decided that I really needed expert help to get all my systems working properly and to lose the extra weight.

Good friends of mine recommended Forum Health Clarkston and I started immediately.  Since working with Cindy at Forum Health Clarkston, I have lost 42 pounds. I have energy to get me through the entire day, I can do more physically, and do not have “brain fog” anymore – I think clearer. I feel everything working much better because I have detoxed, balanced hormones, and shed the extra pounds. Could not have done this on my own. I also received continued education along the way on proper portion sizes, timing my eating and what types of foods to eat, (there’s more than just meat, starch and salad!) That, for me, is priceless! Thank you Forum Health Clarkston!*

Kari B.