Gastric Pains, Bloat, Skin Blemishes and 50 lbs GONE! Health, Energy and Life Vitality Restored!!

Gastric Pains, Bloat, Skin Blemishes and 50 lbs GONE! Health, Energy and Life Vitality Restored!!

 “They” told me I would always be “Naturally Big”, but my body was Craving a Healthy Change.  Forum Health Clarkston taught me how and proved “them” wrong!

In December 2015, I realized that I was uncomfortable with myself. Yes, I was 100 lbs over weight and yes, I was generally unhealthy. I was uncomfortable with my body image and how clothes didn’t fit, and I was physically uncomfortable due to constant stomach pains, gas, bloating, and so many skin blemishes (did you know they directly correlate with how toxic your body is?)!  I was most uncomfortable, however, looking to the future. I knew the choices I had been making were leading me to an unhealthy, sedentary, and lonely lifestyle.

For Christmas that December, I received a 6-month package to Forum Health Clarkston from my parents. I was not offended by this because they knew I was unhappy and they sincerely wanted to help. I decided to accept it because even though I was skeptical about its effectiveness, I was desperate. I am 6’2” and have been told all of my life that I would never be thin, that I was naturally a bigger person. However, I learned at Forum Health Clarkston, during my two-hour intake appointment where my body was assessed from the inside out, that this thought about being “naturally big” was the farthest from the truth.

I found out that not only am I capable of losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, but my body was actually craving it! This knowledge alone, freed me from the burden of my weight and my discomfort. I learned about the body I’ve been given, and how important a healthy mind and spirit are to obtaining a happy and healthy life. It was a life changing event! To go even further, Nutritionist Carly, taught me about a way of life that would be conducive to becoming a healthier version of myself. This involved some all natural supplements, lessons on what to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, the effect my diet has on my body and about proactive decision making.

It is now January 2017 I do not have constant stomach pains, my skin is much clearer, my organs are much less toxic and I have a ton more energy. When I started this journey, I was moody, lethargic, addicted to food and 283lbs. Now, I am positively happy, energetic and a healthier 233lbs! I am planning to stay with Forum Health Clarkston a little while longer because I have not yet reached my weight goal. I am confident as each day passes that I will get there because I have the tools and resources to maintain the healthy lifestyle that I have created to get me this far. Thank you, Forum Health Clarkston! You were truly the best Christmas present I have ever received, and you have changed my life for the better.


Stephanie Crockett