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5 Ways Nutrition Improves Cancer Outcomes

woman with cancer


The answer is simple, if you give the body the right environment it can heal.


Nutrients can improve cancer outcome by:

  1. Inducing death in the cancer cells
  2. Reverting cancer cells back to a healthy cell
  3. Improving immune function to recognize and destroy cancer cells
  4. Helps the body to wall off or encapsulate the tumor
  5. Nutrients will assist your defense mechanisms and improve outcome in cancer therapy


Cancer is not an “on or off” switch and no one goes to bed on Sunday night healthy and wakes up Monday morning with stage 4 colon cancer with metastasis to the liver.  Cancer takes months and even years to develop.  The body has built in mechanisms to stop the cancer process, including DNA repair and cell to cell communication to name just a few.


Nutrition is low-cost, non-toxic and a scientifically-proven helpful component in the treatment of cancer.  Medical doctors are not trained in the area of nutrition, although first line therapy for any disease should be whole food nutrition.  They are often so focused on killing the cancer cells they fail to realize that nutrition and traditional oncology are synergistic and not antagonistic.


There are so many advantages in using an aggressive nutrition program in cancer treatment:

  1. Avoids malnutrition of the cancer patient (40% die from malnutrition)
  2. Reduces the toxicity of medical therapy while making chemo and radiation more selectively toxic to the tumor cells
  3. Stimulates immune function
  4. Selectively starves the tumor
  5. Over all improves outcomes


Many conventional MD’s and RN’s recognize that many cancer patients loose massive amounts of weight during treatment.  However, they encourage patients to eat whatever they want and suggest ice cream, canned meal replacement, drinks that are loaded with sugar and chemicals, fattening sugary and processed foods.  This strategy sets the client up to fuel the tumor, gain fat, and still loose muscle mass; which still leads to malnutrition.



Most importantly – SUGAR FUELS CANCER!


Cancer patients need to focus on a low glycemic Mediterranean meal plan that is rich in whole foods and includes:

  • Healthy fats like raw nuts, nut butters, avocados, coconut, flax, grapeseed oils
  • Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Legumes


Vegetarian meal plans work well, however if you want to eat other meat proteins keep it lean. Always avoid processed meats, foods, sugar and excessive carbs.


Keep moving, exercise is good and get plenty of clean water every day.


Always remember if it will not rot or sprout Throw it out!


With treatment, proper nutrition and targeted supplementation you will be a well-armed host to better fight the cancer.  Remember when the doctor says “I think we got it all” what they are really saying is “we have destroyed all DETECTABLE cancer cells” now it is up to your immune system to find and destroy any cancer cells that remain in your body.


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Patrick Quillen PHD, RD, CNS Beating Cancer with Nutrition