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A New Year, Another Broken Resolution

It’s mid way though January and many of us are already slowly breaking your gym routines and diet plans (unintentional, of course) and starting off the new year with broken resolutions.   According to the number one most broken New Year’s Resolution is ‘Lose Weight and Get Fit’ with ‘Eat Healthier and Diet’ at number four.  So why do we keep making the same resolutions and breaking them year after year? More importantly, what can we do to make this year different?

First thing’s first. Don’t give up.  Get back on track.  A few weeks into your New Year’s resolution may be the best time to reevaluate what your goals are.  Maybe you set yourself up to fail with an unrealistic outcome.  Making it to the gym 5 times a week or losing 20lbs in a month doesn’t really seem reachable after reality sets in.  It’s ok to modify your resolution and make a goal that is achievable. Show yourself you can succeed.

Next, it’s time to step up a new plan of attack.  Get some help.  Losing weight and getting fit isn’t easy on your own.  Find a work out buddy who can help to motivate you to go to gym.  Knowing that someone will be there with you can help get you through a workout.  Dieting and eating healthy can also be difficult.  You can’t have a friend watch everything you eat.  Working with an expert can help with this solution.  A nutritionist can help you make a realistic meal plan and most importantly help you achieve it.  Studies from the American Physiological Association have shown that using partners and nutritionist can provide support that helps individuals lose weight.

With a modified resolution and new plan of attack, 2013 could be your healthiest year yet.

Post by Staff of Forum Health Clarkston