At 20 years old invasive surgery and prescription medications were not an option!

At 20 years old invasive surgery and prescription medications were not an option!

“I Felt Better almost Instantly!”

In 2014 my doctors told me that I was no longer able to digest food properly, and that my only options were to continue to take prescription medications for the rest of my life, or have an invasive surgery. At 20 years old, I couldn’t accept that answer. When I came to Forum Health Clarkston, I was told that there was a solution that would not only help my digestion improve, but a solution that would also improve my overall health. I felt results almost instantly, and learned the importance of a consistent, healthy lifestyle.

Fast forward three years, after an intense college degree, the stress of life had wreaked havoc on my body again, and I found myself battling digestive issues and an inability to lose weight.  I returned to Forum Health Clarkston and was told that once we tackle the issues in my gut, I would experience weight loss as a side effect.

We have succeeded in healing my digestive issues and gaining my health!

I’ve lost over 20 lbs with Forum Health Clarkston, but more importantly I’ve gained an understanding of how my body works, what fuels it and what I need to do to keep it healthy. I feel amazing, inside and out — I’m energized, sleeping well and no longer experience the discomfort of inflammation and digestive issues. When I had no where else to turn, Forum Health Clarkston was there to educate and support my journey to health, and for that I’m eternally grateful. Carly and the team at Forum Health Clarkston are doing amazing work! THANK YOU.

Thanks so much, Allison!

Allison Vernon