My skin is better, my eyes are not puffy, my hair is healthier and my body is happy!

My skin is better, my eyes are not puffy, my hair is healthier and my body is happy!

My 40’s arrived along with the stubborn belly fat, gray hair and the bloated feeling. I was feeling puffiness all over, including a balloon feeling under my diaphragm.

I felt sick every time I ate, my doctor would say “stop eating the food that is bothering you”, that would be…everything! I had bags under my eyes and break outs on my chin. I was feeling miserable physically and mentally.

A client of my husband led us to Cindy at Forum Health Clarkston. During our initial phone call to get information Ann was a plethora of knowledge and reassurance.

At our first appointment where Cindy shared her findings from the very thorough survey, BMI test, candida test, UA and an in depth, very detailed health history.  It was determined that I definitely had candida. She also concluded that I had a leaky gut causing inflammation in my gut.  Cindy gave me my plan of attack; this plan was a nutritional commitment and lifestyle change that I have never had to make before. After some tears, I fully committed.  For the next 6 months, I followed the plan without fail. I went through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and other events and holidays gluten free, dairy free, healthy fat, no processed sugar (of any kind) and no alcohol (at all) and a personally prescribed nutraceutical plan.


Within the first two weeks, I started to feel better. The bloating started to go away. The belly fat started to melt away (a side benefit of this healthy lifestyle).  It was working! At every meeting, we tweaked and changed my plan as needed. My insides started feeling different. I could breathe freely without feeling like something was pushing on my diaphragm. I was 136 pounds at the first visit and went down to my ideal weight of 123 to 125 pounds.


Today, I am adding foods to my diet though I still have an intolerance to gluten and dairy that probably won’t go away. My skin is better, my eyes aren’t as puffy, my hair is healthier and my body is happy. Today, I maintain a low sugar, minimum alcohol consumption, balanced diet and I continue to heal with food and nutraceuticals.  I feel more confident going to Cindy than my own doctor. She listens to me, asks me questions that my doctor doesn’t ask me and has a sincere concern for my health and healing. This was honestly the best decision I have made. It is a lifestyle change worth every step and dollar I have spent for me to feel as good as I do.  I was horrified by the picture in my bathing suit in 2015 and thought I would have never worn the dress in March 2016 before going to Forum Health Clarkston. Thank you, Cindy and Forum Health Clarkston!


Amber H