Forum Health Clarkston, you’ve changed my life!

Forum Health Clarkston, you’ve changed my life!

My journey with Forum Health Clarkston has been the best decision and commitment I have made for my overall health!

After getting married 2 years ago, I…

  • Gained about 30 pounds
  • Suffered with chronic pain in my hip, arthritis in my thumb joints
  • Had re-occurring chronic sinus infections
  • Was dependent on Motrin and prescription pain medication just to get through my day
  • Had days when I could not function
  • Had pain throughout my body that doctor’s could not explain
  • Had a weak immune system


I was tired of being sick and tired! I decided that 2018 was going to be my year for better health! I connected with Carly at Forum Health Clarkston and she designed a program tailored to my specific needs. It was designed to reduce inflammation and healing my gut. I had to change the way I ate, the way I looked at food and although it wasn’t easy, it was WORTH IT!

As a result of the program:

  • I have no more arthritis pain in my hands, my hip pain is almost completely gone and I no longer suffer from all the “unexplained pain” I was in.
  • I have not been sick with as much as a cold and have energy that I haven’t experienced in years!
  • Remember the 30 pounds I mentioned? ITS GONE!! I’m now at a healthy BMI and I dropped 4 dress sizes!


My friends and family can’t believe their eyes when they see my transformation. I owe it all to Forum Health Clarkston. I realize now that without my health I have nothing.  Thank you, Carly, and everyone at Forum Health Clarkston! You’ve changed my life!


Dawn Robertson