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A Lifetime of Digestive Issues – Gone!

A Lifetime of Digestive Issues – Gone!

I came to Forum Health Clarkston to get some guidance for adjusting my diet and addressing some health issues. I was in that work, daily latte, eat too much of the wrong things routine, but I also:

  • Had a lifetime of digestive issues, including 30 years of chronic constipation (I FLUNKED the healthy gut test!)
  • Was bloated, all the time
  • Was exhausted
  • Was on blood pressure medications for about four years

I have always loved to go to the gym, so gym motivation was not a problem. But as you know, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. My nutritionist walked me through and supported me with a healthy eating plan to get rid of achy bloat and all the digestive issues. Five months later:

  • I am down 22 pounds
  • I am sleeping better than I have in a decade
  • I rarely experience hot flashes anymore
  • Bloat and constipation FREE
  • I have lots of energy
  • I am no longer on blood pressure medication


We had a wonderful two-week summer vacation full of hiking and outdoor activities. The best part was that it was my first constipation-free vacation in decades. Thank you, Forum Health Clarkston, for helping me with a healthy future!

Deborah VanderLinde