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Flu Season

As much as I love my Michigan summers, there’s something almost poetic to be said for the moment it all ends. The air takes on that invigorating feel only a Midwesterner can recognize. The leaves change into their russet and amber colors before floating to the ground. You can almost smell it in the air. Fall is coming, and it isn’t alone. Fall is a fleeting season of beauty in the mitten state. On a less enchanting note, it’s a brisk reminder of what’s to come: flu season.

It’s possible to get the flu any time of the year; however, it’s most likely to strike November through March. As early as August, pharmacies post flu shot reminders and offer a quick, appointment-free process. Most clinics even offer it for free.

Our Best Defense!

At Forum Health Clarkston, we approach the flu like any other imbalance in the body: with nutrition and lifestyle. Our goal for every client is to heal the body from within, which then strengthens the immune system to prevent attacks from viruses, allergies, autoimmune disorders, disease, and even cancer.

It’s our body’s best defense. When our immune systems are working properly we have the ability to fight off illnesses on our own, without aid. Why fix something that isn’t broken? If it is broken, maybe your body is telling you something. Listen to it.

I choose not to have my minor son get the flu shot because he doesn’t need it. It’s that simple. He’s a healthy, fifteen-year-old boy. He’s never had the flu shot. We live the life I preach in all my articles and, therefore, he has a strong immune system. This gives me more comfort than the flu shot ever could for several reasons.

There are multiple strains/types and subtypes of influenza, some more threatening than others. The flu shot doesn’t cover them all or even some—it covers one. So, yes, you can still get the flu even with the shot.

My greatest issue is what’s in the shot. It changes every year to match the most prevalent strain at that time. However, there are a few recurrent ingredients I’d rather not have injected into my body, such as formaldehyde (a carcinogen), aluminum (a neurotoxin), and thimerosal (a mercury- based preservative).

No, thank you. I’ll boost my immune system on my own.

It begins with change, with a whole foods diet and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. The first step?

Try cleaning up your diet with a few goals in mind:

1) Meet with a functional medicine nutritionist to create a healing plan that works for your body. You could get lost in the internet when attempting to build your own program. Instead of going in blind, let a professional guide you in the right direction.

2) Inflammation is a direct link to nearly every disease there is because it damages healthy cells, arterial walls, joints, brain tissue, and the digestive tract. Lower inflammation with anti-inflammatory foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, ancient grains, healthy fats, and protein.

3) Toxicity is linked to obesity, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmune disorders. Remove toxins found in low-quality animal products, produce sprayed with pesticides, and other processed foods high in sugar and artificial ingredients.

There are other natural measures that you can take every day, like garlic and zinc, that are known to provide extra support during flu season. Be sure to keep taking your daily probiotic, which boosts the immune system considerably.

At home, parents can encourage their children to create their best defense by teaching them healthy habits, such as washing hands throughout the day and how to make healthy food choices on their own. Don’t just tell them not to touch their faces out in public and not to share food or utensils—teach them why.

The immune system is our body’s most powerful defense. In order for it to run smoothly, we have to give it the right environment. We can mask symptoms with vaccines and meds, but wouldn’t you rather go about your life knowing you’re safe on your own, injection free? The answer is yes!

It’s difficult to find a blanketed statement that 100% supports which way you should choose. In the end, you know what’s best for you and your family. Do your own research and make your own decisions. Remember that you are your own advocate and only you can decide what’s right for your body.



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