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“I am eternally grateful for Danyelle and the Nuview team!”

My journey at Forum Health Clarkston started with just an online search.

For the last 3 years, I was experiencing:

• Extreme stomach pains
• Severe Inflammation
• Weight gain
• Extreme exhaustion


These issues affected me so much some days I had to leave work in the middle of a meeting. I had seen different doctors and, after a few failed tests, I was told to take some pills and go get more tests. That answer wasn’t what I was hoping to hear, so I desperately started my research on who to turn to next. I simply searched for “nutritionist near me” in Google. A few options came up, but the only one that stood out was Forum Health Clarkston. In the many reviews, the word “life changing” came up so many times I figured I needed to see what it was about.
I started my visits with Danyelle mid-August 2019, and I really haven’t looked back (only to be shocked at my photos!). Danyelle has taught me so much about food and how it affects me, the nutrients my body needs to thrive, and focused on fixing my underlying issues so I can truly feel my best. The progression in the way I felt was a complete 180.


• My stomach pains are a rarity anymore
• My inflammation was deflated
• I am down 48 pounds
• My exhaustion started to become a thing of the past

We learned that I have a thyroid condition that severely affects me, which no doctor was able to determine. Danyelle has shown me confidence that I haven’t seen in myself in years! The best part about this process is the education: you aren’t just told what to do; you learn what to do to better yourself. For that, I am eternally grateful for Danyelle and the Forum Health Clarkston team—they have truly changed my life!

Kaitlyn Allard